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Critical Dynamics™ leverages and incorporates cutting-edge Force Science clinical and academic research and evidence-based studies regarding the science of human learning and human performance, along with andragogical best practices into the development of each and every training curriculum offered. Moreover, the techniques and tactics instructed result from a never-ending process of researching the results of their practical application in actual duty (law enforcement) and defensive (private citizen) use-of-force engagements.  A significant number of Critical Dynamics’ staff are directly involved in course creation and content development for state and national-level law enforcement training academies and contract security firms.  As such, courses developed by and delivered through Critical Dynamics™ utilize both scaffolded and interleaved instructional methodologies, with emphasis on the staging of 'desirable difficulties,' thereby encouraging the development of the student's recognition-primed and adaptive decision-making skills through the induction of 'effortful retrieval' learning techniques. Crucial aspects of the curriculum are primed prior to and boosted throughout the training sessions to reinforce and promote consolidation into the brain’s long-term procedural memory and increase the transference of materials learned into critical arenas of performance while maximizing opportunities for motor learning and adaptive decision-making development.  Our core goal is to advance the standards of use-of-force training by leveraging cutting-edge research to enhance and increase both officer and public safety.

Critical Dynamics™  We Build Better Shooters™

Private Coaching

Providing one-on-one customized and tailored training, many students (both professional and in the private sector) recognize the tremendous value of working with a master trainer privately.  From the development of core motor skills to enhancing existing skill sets and maximizing motor learning, private coaching is a highly cost-effective way to quickly get where you need to be!


The Armed Citizen Response to the Active Shooter Event™ (ACRASE™) is the single-most comprehensive training program available providing the armed citizen with cutting-edge best practices surrounding the legal, ethical, tactical, and medical considerations for mitigating an active shooter event.


YOU are the 'First Responder'!

LMS Portal

The Critical Dynamics™ LMS portal provides the ultimate in flexible, access-from-anywhere optimized and enhanced online learning.  From standalone curriculums to pre-study guides and ongoing educational support materials, the LMS portal provides easy access and management of all your learning materials and the certificates you've earned.


In the realm of safety and emergency preparedness, Critical Dynamics, under the adept leadership of Keith, has demonstrated an unparalleled level of expertise and professionalism that has significantly elevated our company’s readiness and response capabilities.  Engaging Keith and his team for an Active Shooter Training at NEDC was a decision underscored by their sterling reputation and proven track record in the industry. From the initial consultation through to the execution of the training, Critical Dynamics exhibited a profound understanding of the contemporary threats faced by businesses and tailored their training to address our specific needs and concerns.

Operations Manager

Dave A.

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