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Private Training and Coaching

When you work with a Critical Dynamics™ private trainer as an armed private citizen or armed professional, you gain numerous benefits that can greatly enhance your skill set and effectiveness. A key advantage is the personalized attention and tailored instruction your private trainer provides. Unlike group training sessions, where the focus is often divided, a private trainer will devote their full attention to learning and understanding your specific needs, strengths, and areas for improvement. This individualized approach allows for targeted training sessions that will address your unique challenges and goals.

​The reasons for how and why students benefit from private training and coaching are numerous.  Notably, Critical Dynamics™ private trainers possess extensive knowledge and experience, including a deep understanding of various shooting techniques, tactical strategies, and the latest industry developments and best practices. They provide valuable insight and guidance, helping you to refine your shooting skills, enhance your decision-making abilities, improve your overall performance in or on the field, and can help you to significantly reduce your exposure to liability.   Additionally, your trainer can provide immediate feedback on technique and form, allowing you to make course corrections and improve your skills far more quickly. Working with your private trainer will also help you stay accountable and motivated as you work towards honing your occupational or defensive shooting skills.   Moreover, your Critical Dynamics™ private shooting trainer can offer a level of mentorship that is invaluable. They can serve as trusted advisors, providing guidance on equipment selection, physical conditioning, and mental preparation. Armed professionals often face high-stress situations, and having a coach who can offer support, encouragement, and constructive feedback can be instrumental in developing confidence and maintaining a professional mindset.

Working with your Critical Dynamics™ private trainer allows for a flexible training schedule that fits around your personal and professional commitments. Whether you need to train during off-hours or have specific goals you want to achieve within a certain timeframe, your private trainer can customize a training plan that meets your requirements. This flexibility empowers both armed professionals and armed citizens to continually improve their shooting skills without compromising their other responsibilities.

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