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LMS Portal

The LMS (Learning Management System) portal is a standalone resource for students registered for training programs through Critical Dynamics™ and with the ACRASE™ program.  The LMS portal provides comprehensive blended curriculums along with ongoing educational opportunities through support materials and instructional resources that go beyond time spent in either the classroom or on a training range.

Access to the LMS Portal is provided upon registration for any Critical Dynamics™ or ACRASE™ training program.

Additionally, state-specific, state-certified, and accredited educational modules for professionals and paraprofessionals seeking to earn discipline-specific CEUs and CLEs are available via privately-accessed LMS portal entry points.

Have a question?  Give our training team a call today at (877) 486-8724.

Accessible from Anywhere

The LMS portal is available from anywhere you can access the internet.  Online curriculums, support materials, study prep guides, and multimedia files can be viewed without downloading.

Work at Your Own Pace

The LMS portal allows you to work at your own pace, saving your progress as you study.  Students have continued access to class modules and support materials after completion, enhancing long-term learning and retention.

Earn and Download Certificates

The LMS portal helps you store your certificates and support documents quickly and easily through one-click uploading.  Certificates may be downloaded and printed on demand.

Optimized for Efficient Learning

Optimized blended learning enhances comprehension of the materials presented and application of the curriculum in contextually-relevant circumstances.  Many programs qualify for earned CEUs.

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